Kooth.com’s free, anonymous online platform continues to support all children and young people across the West Midlands, with their mental health & emotional-wellbeing.

Please view our What’s on Kooth in November? (PDF) resource which highlights some of the discussion boards and live forums that can be accessed on the site during the month of November, along with some other useful digital resources.

Eventbrite Sessions

In addition to our usual Eventbrite sessions, on Tuesday 23rd November 2021we will also be presenting a new session focusing on Men’s Mental Health, highlighting how the Kooth team supports this, as well as introducing key articles and resources to help improve male mental health. This free virtual session welcomes all professionals across the West Midlands. To join us please view the link below;


Eventbrite Session for Professionals


Eventbrite Session for 18 – 25 year-olds


Eventbrite Session for Parents and Carers


Key Events for November

Here are some key dates and awareness days to be aware of;

Anti Bullying Week – 15th – 19th November

Movember – All of November

Please also see links to videos below, which give an overview of the different features of Kooth:

1.    Kooth Overview: www.vimeo.com/318731977/a9f32c87de

2.    Kooth Magazine: www.vimeo.com/318713156/5d247a02f9

3.    Kooth Discussion Boards: www.vimeo.com/318713209/2e97e8b26f

4.    Kooth Goals: www.vimeo.com/318713298/430fdcafcf

5.    Kooth Journal: www.vimeo.com/318713381/d8ef865eea

6.    Kooth Messaging: www.vimeo.com/318713436/7cd88e796e

7.    Kooth Chat: www.vimeo.com/318713482/ffc121ba18

Welcome to Brandmaster

The Kooth team is happy to announce the launch of our new portal for resources ‘Brandmaster’. As you are aware, Swivle would usually be your direct access point to useful Kooth resources. However, by visiting promote.kooth.com, you will now land on our brand new resource hub Promotion Central/ Brandmaster which will contain all of the same resources and much more.

Additional Information

Please find here a link to our Kooth Sign Up Guide should you wish to support any young people with gaining access to our online community.

In addition to all of the above information, you can request any Kooth services by accessing the Booking/ Order Form

Should you have any further questions or would like to be added to the monthly mailing list to receive updates on Kooth, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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